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Research Graph

Unlock the power of open science data


Content Provider Dashboard
A one-stop-service where content providers interact with OpenAIRE and become a building block of a global Open Research community.


High accuracy Data Anonymization
Perform research and share your results that satisfy GDPR guidelines by using data anonymization algorithms.


Research Community Gateway
Build a Gateway to your community’s open and linked research outcomes. Customized to your needs.

Usage Counts

Track usage activity
Collecting usage data from OS content providers repositories, journals, and other scientific data sources.


Plan and follow your data
A online tool to create, manage, share and link Data Management Plans.


The free, open repository from OpenAIRE and CERN
Storing and publishing your data. Who is it for? How to use in a community setting.


A new era of monitoring research
A service to produce well-documented, timely and accurate monitoring indicators of research activities.