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The National Open Access Desks for Greece and Cyprus continue their joint efforts to inform and update the research and academic communities in their countries about important Open Science aspects. This time, they collaborate with the Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists – A.G.L.I.S. and the Cyprus Association of Librarians – Information Scientists – CALIS. Part of their collaboration is to inform about recent trends in the field of Librarianship and to record the needs of the diverse set of librarians who are members of the two associations. As a result, they aim to effectively contribute in the dissemination and harmonization of good practices promoted at the European and global levels.

The first webinar of the collaborative scheme focuses on the role of libraries and librarians that is changing in the digital age. The webinar communicates the new roles that are promoted in the field of librarianship, underlining the digital skills in research and open science, and the promotion of services to the wider public, emphasizing on citizen science.

The starting point of the event is the broader definition of Open Science and the explication of how libraries are playing a key role in the changing environment of research and education. Having the proper background, structures, and infrastructures, libraries could have the main role in the implementation and the promotion of the different aspects of Open Science. Several libraries in Greece and Cyprus have been active from early in this direction with a variety of activities, within the presentation will be briefly reviewed.

Next will be a brief overview of EU and Unesco guidelines about the role and the contribution of libraries to the consolidation of Open Science, the action points of libraries, the skills of librarians for the Open Science, as proposed by European organizations, projects, and international collaborations and useful informative and educational material to all the aspects of the field.

Lastly, the forms of collaborative activities will be linked with the benefits of the open science in which citizens and researchers are broader defined as ‘citizens’ science’. This presentation will be discussed the role of the librarian as the linking point of citizens and researchers, as well as their skills in a period of increasing both citizens’ science initiatives and their outcomes (e.g. data, educational resources).

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