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LCT aims to facilitate and automate the clearance of rights (copyright) for datasets, media, software and other content before they are released under an open license or stored at a publicly trusted FAIR repository. It helps in the certification of datasets and other outputs in terms of license compatibility analysis and selection as well as other related constraints. LCT helps in open research data management and certification for data repositories, aligning with activities and results of INFRAEOSC-5c.

LCT check for equivalence, similarity and compatibility between licenses if used in combination, particularly for derivative works. In one scenario, the user (data manager) aims to find an appropriate open-source license for the set of the elements with separate licenses or to select a license for derivative work based on the content or components with various licences. In the second scenario, the user declares the desired out-license and verifies the compatibility of the existing in-licenses with the derivative work.

The LCT user may register or use it as a guest. The data provided by the guest is not preserved after the report is produced. For the authenticated user, the content and all parts of the procedure are kept in the licensing clearance history and user history, allowing to resume the work or share the work and data with others.

Short CV:

Panagiota Koltsida is a senior software engineer/research associate, with extensive experience in RTD European funded projects working for the university of Athens (NKUA) and the ATHENA Research Centre. Mrs Koltsida has a degree in informatics from the department of Informatics and Telecommunications of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), and an MSc diploma from the same organization. She has been involved in a series of EU funded projects as a technical project manager and software engineer. She is experienced in managing all stages of large scale distributed software implementation, designing ICT systems and technically coordinating their development.  Currently she is responsible for the technical management and coordination of the tools being developed as part of the ATHENA RC’s participation in the NI4OS-EUROPE, DESIRA and ARSINOE projects as well as for the development of ESFRI’s Monitoring Platform. Her research interests include Information Retrieval systems, Data and Metadata Management and geospatial systems, aiming on providing innovative ICT solutions to cross-disciplinary communities.